On a bright day, about 25 Morgan enthusiasts from all over Limburg gathered, ready for an adventurous trip to Belgium.  The destination?  The historic Fort Eben Emael, an impressive stronghold from the Second World War.

Along the way we enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Limburg, with its vast green fields and winding rivers.

Once we arrived at the fort, we were overwhelmed by its immense size and the history hidden behind its thick concrete walls.  The stories of courage and struggle from the past came to life as we wandered the underground passageways, marveling at the ingenious structures created at the time.

After this impressive experience it was time for a well-deserved lunch.  We settled down in a cozy Belgian restaurant, where we enjoyed local delicacies and told each other stories about our adventures with our beloved Morgans.


But the adventure was not over yet.  After lunch we drove towards Maastricht, the vibrant capital of Limburg.  Here we visited the Apostelhoeve, a beautiful vineyard that has been producing delicious wines for generations.  While enjoying a glass of white wine, we toasted our friendship and the unforgettable day we had experienced.

All this is just a glimpse of what Limburg has to offer to Morgan friends and lovers of history and culinary delights.  At MSCCL Morgan Limburg, all Morgan enthusiasts are always welcome to experience new adventures together and make memories.  Cheers!